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. >>> hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. >>> hurricane sandy could hit the united states as early as this weekend. the storm is important for at least two deaths after it pounded jamaica, haiti and cuba with massive flooding and winds over 110 miles an hour. where is the storm? howard has been tracking it. he joins us now with the latest. howard? >> jc, it hit jamaica yesterday and then cuba last night. this morning into the afternoon hours now in the central bahamas. looks like the central and northern bahamas will get the battering from sandy over the next 24 hours. it is not as impressive as it was just before it hit cuba but it's starting to flair up a little bit more now that it's generally over water as opposed to land. tropical systems like water. gusting to 125. this is down a little bit. we're seeing the pressure up a little bit. rising pressure, weakening storm. so you want to watch that number, 964. by tomorrow morning we could still have a category 1, 90 miles an hour winds. the hurricane center believes this will slowly weaken as it kind of parallels t
realtime facial recognition system that troops can use on the move. but first, the pentagon's new cyber strategy unveiled this month by defense secretary leon panetta makes it clear the u.s. military will take preemptive action if it detects a potential cyber attack that would kill americans or devastate american infrastructure. the aim is to make the threat of counterattack a powerful deterrent. is this the right cyber strategy for america? here with answers is irving la- chow the director of the program on u.s. national security in the information age at the the cent for new american security. irving welcome to the program. >> thank you very much. >> what's the importance of this statement especially at this time? >> i think secretary panetta had two goals in mind in issuing the statement. the first is a message to the adversaries around the world that the united states has the means and the will to defend itself. to take action if necessary, including preemptive action, and to respond if it should need to including by using cyber means. i think secretary panetta also intended this to
early with us. at this hour, numbers only tell part of the story. the storm is blamed for at least 10 deaths in the united states. more than 14,000 flights have been canceled. damage could reach $20 billion. >> and it has flooded several new york city subway tunnels, and much of the manhattan skyline is dark. >> just very odd to see. here in d.c., can you expect strong winds and heavy rain throughout the night. the federal government and many local governments and school systems will bound b closed tomorrow. for the latest, go to our website, >> with this storm system, it delivered something quite quiet different just a couple of hours west of d.c. we're talking snow and lots of it. counties in maryland, virginia, and west virginia all bracing for feet of the white stuff. >> reporter: the national weather service issued blizzard warnings for much of the appalachian mountains. west virginia's governor declared a state of emergency as the snow began to fall. >> we're getting ready for the winter storm, you know. >> reporter: the snowshoe mountain resort was one of the first t
where the case began. the state department tells congress security was adequate the day the u.s. consulate in libya was attacked. >> we had the correct number of assets in benghazi. >> pelley: sharyl attkisson is on capitol hill. officials say lance armstrong's team ran the most sophisticated doping program cycling has ever seen. armen keteyian on the evidence. and steve hartman "on the road" with the power of a uniquely american song. >> when you hear the first note, everything in our house comes to a complete captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. reporting tonight from los angeles. >> pelley: good evening. people waited outside overnight just for the chance to be inside the supreme court today for the most controversial case of this term. at stake: admission to college for millions of americans for generations to come. a decade ago, the court ruled that race could be used as a factor granting college admissions, but today a new supreme court heard a challenge to that which could change the law of the land on affirmative action. wyatt and
is investigating. david martin has learned that u.s. military forces were moving in case a rescue was ordered the night a u.s. ambassador was killed. another senate candidate shakes up the campaign with comments about rape and pregnancy. wyatt andrews is on the story. and ben tracy in los angeles with an american hero. for him, there's no place like this ho. >> you just push down and the cabinets come down. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. another patient injected with a tainted steroid has died of meningitis. more than 300 cases have now been reported in 17 states and the centers for disease control says the outbreak is spreading. federal and state officials have opened an investigations into new england compounding center, the pharmacy that's believed to have shipped thousands of vials of a steroid that's used in clinics to treat pain. in many cases, the drug was contaminated with a deadly fung gas which one investigator said was visible to the naked eye in some of the vials. we asked jim axelrod to find out more about th
manufacturer in the world. it used to be the united states of america. >> governor, you're the last person who will get tough on china. >> we have iran four years closer to a nuclear bomb. >> when folks go after americans, we go after them. campaign 2012, a presidential debate. from boca raton, florida, here is scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, it was 50 years ago tonight that president john f. kennedy went on national television to announce that the soviet union had set up missile sites in cuba and he demanded that they be removed. the world was on the brink of nuclear war. it is a reminder of the kind of crisis a commander-in-chief can face. and it comes as as the candidates for president hold their final debate tonight, focusing on foreign policy. with the race still very tight, both president obama and mitt romney have a lot to gain and a lot to lose in their final joint appearance before a national audience. it might be their last best chance to win over the uncommitted voters who will decide the election, which is now just two weeks away. for tonight's debate, the candidates will be
. >> reporter: shortly after, he reiterates his point. >> reporter: i'm ken molistana, 9news now. >> he told us about the person who shot the video, the investigator who said, quote, he struck me as crazy. i thought he was joking. for only that i did humor him. in metro expect i should have just walked away making it clear there's no place in the electoral process or even the suggestion of illegal behavior, joking or not. >>> the maryland state board of elections is investigating a problem with absentee ballots there. some ballots in prince george's county seemed to be missing a page. so far the board has confirmed the mistake in fewer than 20 ballots. residents who requested absentee ballots should make sure there is a second page which includes the questions 4 through 7. >>> today supporters and opponents of the same-sex marriage referendum in maryland are planning to rally at gallaudet university in the district, but they're both fighting for the same thing. both groups want dr. angela mccaskill reinstated as the school's chief diversity officer. she was placed on paid leave earlier this mon
with the storm log onto our website >> we say good morning. i'm andre yeah an andrea rose. talk to us via facebook and twitter. maybe we'll let you know he's up and doing well. >> it will be something. >> con nie is here. she has a lot to do. >> i do. >> we are fortunate when you consider what happened in new york and the jersey coast and parts of new england. they have wind gusts. my home stomping ground, 90 mile an hour wind gusts up there. far more damaging. here he is. there's mike. >> i heard you. >> [ laughter] >> so matt will be here tomorrow. >> thanks. come again. >> who was that man? >> let's get over to the weather graphic. >> yeah, rescue us. >>> still rain ing out there. we're still windy, wet and cold. it is a chilly morning. temperature 44. it's going to be steady or drop off a couple more over the next few hours. by noon still in the low to mid 40s. winds soming -- coming from the southwest 20 to 30. gusts this morning can top 40, this afternoon 30 to 40 should do it. certainly better than yesterday. look at this big circulation right over us here with all the snow
and is it something that could happen to you? scott broom followed us at the home of brett and rebecca schneider who say they are victims that need help. >> we believe that this water is making its way down by gravity. >> homeowner who now talks like a utility engineer outside and inside she has her upstairs sealed off to keep out airborne mold. >> i taste the mold and we breathe it. >> from her basement, schneider and her husband say it all started with a wssc sewer backup last year forced them to gut the space where a family room and bath used to be. now they claim wsse's $310,000 repair of the neighborhood sewer line this summer has made the situation worse. they believe that ground water that used to get into the old broken sewer during rains can't now that it is fixed and that's caused the pump to work overtime. >> we have a problem that everybody seems to acknowledge, but no one is willing to acknowledge ownership of it. >> we are doing what the e.p.a. asked us to do. >> i.j. points out that storm water runoff is not the utility's responsibility. in fact, the wssc is under a court order
as a high school sophomore. recreation use spiraled into dependency. >> i couldn't take it anymore. i couldn't take it. i was tired of flushing marijuana in the toilet and i couldn't take it anymore. >> after rehab failed, maria made the most difficult decision of her life. >> i called the police. six officers swarmed our house and they took him away in handcuffs. >> months later, on the night of july 17, 2005, the promise of marijuana led him to a quiet bethesda neighborhood with $3,000 of his friend's money in his pocket. >> as a mother, we all try to protect our children. those last minutes of his life i wasn't there. >> he was meeting three other young people in their car. he thought he was making a marijuana buy. but it was a setup for robbery. >> as his 6-foot body fell on the sidewalk, blood pouring out from both sides. somebody went and reached in his pockets to take his money. >> they were so close, they had an unwritten rule. when she called, he would always answer. on that night, he didn't. >> i called every hospital trying to find my son. >> at 1:30 in the morning
oh, sorry! excuse us. shhh-shh! >>> face to face. president obama and mitt romney are set to square off tonight in the first of three debates before the presidential election. >>> attack investigation. lawmakers are raising questions about security at the u.s. consulate in benghazi and whether the death of ambassador chris stevens and three others could have been prevented. >>> bullying backlash. a television anchor responds to a viewer who criticizes her for being overweight. >> attacks like this are not okay. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, october 3, 20 2012. good morning. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. round one tonight. this evening president obama and mitt romney face off in the first of three scheduled debates. the topic tonight in denver domestic affairs including the economy, health care reform and imgrmigration and the clock is ticking. the election is less than five weeks away and the stakes are high. susan mcginnis is in washington. >> reporter: first debates get the most attention of all of them and the first 30 minutes are said to be the most
shots that were used for back pain. most have a rare fungal form of meningitis. a specialty pharmacy in massachusetts made this steroid. federal officials are now investigating this case. >>> federal agents arrested a 21-year-old man charging that he plotted to blow up the term reserve in new york city. officials say quazi nafis was arrested yesterday morning after a sting operation. he pack adavan with what he thought were ex-- packed a van with what he thought were explosives and tried to detonate it from inside a hotel room. that was fake. he's being held without bail. >>> in campaign 2012, president obama and mitt romney retreated to their respective corners ever the election ring. romney promised supporters in virginia he plans to win the swing state. >> i think it's interesting with two presidential debates gone, the president still hasn't found an agenda for his second term. we have an agenda and our agenda will get this country working again. >> it was part of an effort to chip aware at northern virginia which leans strongly toward barack obama in -- leaned strongly toward ba
that the state department denied repeated requests for more security before the deadly attack on u.s. diplomats in libya. meningitis spreads to a seventh state. dr. jon lapook looks at what went wrong. and steve hartman "on the road" in search of a pumped-up pumpkin. >> we have a monster pumpkin coming. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, the dreadful string is broken. for the first time in 44 months the unemployment rate has fallen below 8%. the latest jobs numbers from the labor department were surprisingly strong. they show the unemployment rate was 7.8% in september. that is down three tenths of a point from august. the economy created 114,000 jobs and the labor department revised upward the job creation numbers for the previous two months. it now says 181,000 jobs were created in july and 142,000 in august. a total of 86,000 more than first reported. we asked anthony mason to tell us what's behind these improved numbers. >> reporter: in circle pines, minnesota, where dell corps systems makes food package magazines, c.e.o. d
the election for either one of us. look, we're basically in a tie, the president and i are. he's been president for four years, has outspent me massively in this campaign and yet he's still at a tie. and so the debates could well decide it one way or the other, i don't know. they may not have a lot of fireworks go off and perhaps they don't change things very much. but we're on track to win this. >> pelley: you know, in the debate you could get asked anything and i wonder, how do you prepare for that? >> well, i've been asked almost everything already. (laughs) and so my guess is i'll get -- i'll get some questions i haven't expected but i know where i stand. i know why i'm running. i'm concerned about america. i'm concerned about the direction america has been put in. >> pelley: do you study films of the president's debates, past debates? i wonder how you get ready for that kind of thing? >> i talk about issues with my policy team. we talk about some of the more obscure issues that i don't get asked about from time to time, go through those, look over the kinds of things that are relevant to t
to the presidential race. >> abu hamza al masri a long sought terror suspect has been extradited to the u.s. he'll stand trial in civilian court. >> texas cheerleaders display bible verses on the football field, bringing a new glare of controversy under the friday night lights. >> returning marine surprises his kid brother for an emotional reunion with a very happy ending. all that and so much more on cbs "this morning," saturday, october 6, 2012. >>> and good morning. welcome to the weekend. nice to be with you. >> we're here again. back again. >> one more time. we have breaking news a verdict in the trial of pope benedict's butler. we begin this morning with the race for the white house. and the abrupt turn brought on by the latest jobs numbers. the labor department said friday the nation's unemployment rate fell to 7.8% in september. that's the first time it's fallen below 8% since just after president obama took office in 2009. it's a bit of a relief for the president who is trying to move past a bad performance at the first presidential debate. his opponent mitt romney says the job numbers
>>> welcome to "this week in defense news." i'm vago muradian. for more than a dozen years u.s. army soldiers have been in combat in iraq, afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world stressing the force more severely than at any period since the vietnam war. while the army has ended operations in iraq soldiers still constitute the bulk of the international coalition doing the fighting and supporting in afghanistan and will continue to do so until the mission there ends in 2014. plus, the army is looking past the decade of war to prepare the force for future challenges including refocusing on the pacific. that will mean a change in equipment, personnel, and manpower levels as the service retools from having spent years fighting in the middle east and central asia. engineering that change in an era of tight resources is the army's 38th chief of staff, general ray odierno who joins us from the association of the annual conference and trade show. sir, welcome back. >> thank you. >> i wanted to start off. sequestration is the top issue in washington. you have frequently said that se
. >> because the direction we've been in the last four years have failed us. failed. there's no debate here. look at the record. >> reporter: tonight mitt romney will work to make the case the president's leadership abroad has failed. the president will point to successes, including killing osama bin laden. the 90-minute debate will most likely start where the second one left off. the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. both candidateses have come under fire for their response to the attack. they'll also be -- there will also be be debate questions about iran's nuclear ambitions and itself u.s. -- the u.s. relationship with china. polls show the economy is the far most important issue to voters. both candidates are also expected to talk about the economy and their foreign policy answers. both candidates have had their walk threw in the debate hall and will spend time with family and friends before the start of tonight's debate. in boca raton, florida, danielle nottingham. back to you. >> thank you for that preview. cbs news' own bob schieffer is the one 340d rate -- mode
us inside the bat cave where scientists are battling a deadly enemy. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. forecasters are watching two storm systems tonight that are expected to team up and hit the east coast as something of a super storm. one storm is moving in from the west, the other is hurricane sandy, now over the bahamas and heading north, highest sustained winds, 105 miles per hour. this is how the hurricane looks from space. here is what it's doing on earth. flooding streets in haiti, sending waves crashing on to the shore in cuba, and knocking down trees and buildings. where this cuban is walking, a house once stood. sandy is blamed for at least four deaths in the caribbean. meteorologist david bernard is our cbs news hurricane consultant. and, david, where is sandy headed? >> reporter: that's a million-dollar question right now, scott, that everybody wants to know. as you mentioned, let's look at where sandy is right now. it's in the bahamas. it's a powerful category 2 storms with 105-mile-per-hour winds
nor life should be wasted. >> we've still got a lot of good years in us and we can help a lot of people and that's the main thing we're doing. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. with just 33 days to go, the presidential election is suddenly looking a whole lot different than it did 24 hours ago. republican challenger mitt romney did what he had to do in the first debate to turn his campaign around. have a look at our poll of uncommitted voters. voters who told us before the debate they had not made up their minds or could still change them. after watching the debate, 46% said governor romney won. less than half that thereby, 22%, said president obama won. 32% called it a tie. and look at this-- before the debate, only 30% of uncommitted voters said governor romney cares about their needs and problems. after the debate, that number more than doubled to 63%. on that same question, mr. obama's number went up as well, from 53% to 69. that was small consolation, though for a president whose debate performance has s
, auto sales were up 13% last month from a year before. among the u.s. automakers, ford sales were unchanged, g.m.'s were up 1.5%, chrysler reported a 12% increase. there hasn't been enough good news like that on the economy. the recovery, of course, is painfully slow and one of the biggest reasons is the recession in europe. the 27 countries of the european union add up to the world's-largest economy, but they're reporting record unemployment. in spain, unemployment among young people is 50%. mark phillips went to bars low that to see what happens when an economy goes into freefall. >> reporter: spain can be a deceptive place. in the early autumn sunshine and in the markets groaning with foodstuffs it's difficult to tell this is a country with a collapsing economy and unemployment rate of 25% that threatens to take the rest of europe and maybe even the united states economy down with it. but wait until they close up at barcelona's boqueria market and follow the porters out back to where they dump the trash and you get a different impression. in spain these days, one person's garba
. >>> thanks for joining us. i'm mike hydeck. jc hayward is off today. a tragic fire tops our news at noon from baltimore. investigators are sifting through the burned out rubble of a house where five people were killed this morning. four of them were children. scoot broom is live in east baltimore. -- scott broom is live in east baltimore. he has more on the investigation as it goes forward. >> reporter: the house behind me was the rock, the home base for an unusually large extended family. and it was the matriarch of that family and four of her grandchildren who died here overnight last night in a fire that broke out at about 2:00 this morning. that matriarch was 55-year-old nancy ruell according to family members. the four grandchildren were ages 4 to 7. they're all gone. the bodies were found huddled together in a single room on the second floor in the back of the house. there was a rescue attempt by firefighters before dawn that was beyond heroic and ended up with two firefighters injured. one of them fell three levels through flames when the second floor collapsed from under
's still with us. tonight though just some light showers. snow will county west of the divide. that will be accumulating snow. a little bit of snow mixed in, i think, with some of your showers between cumberland, maybe hagerstown. maybe close to smiths burg up in northern frederick county. the monokasi will crash tonight. moderate flooding. forecast to crest at 21.6. that is a forecast. point of rocks, forecast to crest at 22. that's 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night. moderate flooding there. move a little further south down the river, wisconsin avenue, cresting at 8.6. we think minor flooding. that will not crest until 2:00 on thursday morning. remember, all the rain that fell has to drape into the potomac basin and the further down the river you are, the later the flooding occurs. we're not looking at any flash flooding, but river flooding still a problem for the next day or so. back to you guys. >> on that very note, topper, the damage in alexandria last night nearly nonexistent. but right now officials are concerned about potentially dangerous flooding as the potomac crests. we're
is about more than just the presidency, in three states a chance to vote on the recreational use of marijuana. barry petersen reports. and shuttle endeavour, a late arrival at its new home. ben tracy on the slow crawl through the streets of los angeles. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> and good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor. in the sky over new mexico today a man jumped from 24 miles up and broke the sound barrier on the way down. a first. felix baumgartner broke that barrier by more than 100 miles an hour, then landed with ease. with details, here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: felix baumgartner climbed into the strat sphere more than 24 miles above new mexico's desert. the 43-year-old austrian skydiver was about to become a human missile and plunge farther and fast never freefall than anyone in history. >> everything is in the green, doing great. >> reporter: his ascent had landed two and a half hours, in a capsule hoisted by a 55 story helium balloon, rising 1,000 feet a minute. the only hitch, baumgartner's viser foingd up when his helmet's h
evening. in the weeks before his death, u.s. ambassador chris stevens sent the state department several requests for increased security for diplomats in libya. stevens and three other americans were killed this past september 11 in a terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and, in a separate attack that same night on a safe house where the consulate staff had been evacuated. stevens' memos were obtained by the house oversight and government reform committee, which is investigating the attacks, and our sharyl attkisson got ahold of the memos today. >> reporter: ambassador stevens personally pressed for strengthened security in a series of cables to state department headquarters in washington. on july 9, 2012, stevens sent a request for extension of temporary duty personnel. that refers to a 16-man military temporary security team with expertise in counterterrorism. they were set to leave in august but stevens asked to keep them through mid-september. on august 2, six weeks before he died, stevens requested protective detail bodyguard positions, saying the added guards "will fi
don't have problems and road closures. so let's go to monika samtani who's going to tell us about that. >>> if you're planning to head around town, let me take you to a graphic. here at the bay bridge, level one wind restrictions. that means winds are 40 to 49 miles an hour. no empty box trailers are house trailers allowed across the bay bridge. they'll reassess that throughout the morning. right now it's level one. no delays through the area. if you're planning to use metro, the rail bus, metro access, all service is suspended. the best thing is to go to metro alerts for updates. that will be the case throughout the day today. if you're planning to use the bay bridge this morning, there are no delays. level one wind restriction. let's take a look around town. we'll go to our stat 50 camera. volumes are light. that's the way it's going to be throughout the metropolitan area this morning. it's not going to be the volume that is going to be the problem. as the winds come in, it's going to be the debris that i'm concerned about, the flooding i'm concerned about as well, and also power out
: that last word, "capability," which he uses on his campaign web site, significantly shortens the time before iran would reach romney's red line. his campaign refuses to specify what he means by "capability," but the term usually refers to iran's stockpile of enriched uranium. israeli prime minister netanyahu told the u.n. his own red line would come next spring or summer when iran is expected to have enriched enough uranium to build a bomb. president obama insists iran has not yet made a decision to go for the bomb and even with enough enriched uranium would still need a year or more to build one. >> america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy and we believe that there is still time and space to do so. >> reporter: an aide to romney says the governor also believes there is still time to pressure iran into giving up its nuclear program but not as much time as the president believes. >> pelley: david, thank you. there are almost 90,000 americans fighting in afghanistan tonight. both candidates agree nearly all of them should be home by the end of 2014. but are the afghans ready to fi
. >>> hello. i'm jc hayward. thank you for joining us. we're beginning with breaking news now from the trial of two prince george's county police officers. they have been charged with beating a university of maryland student. this morning the judge threw out the first degree assault charges against the officers. the judge said the prosecutors did not make their case. the officers, however, still face second degree assault and misconduct charges. the defense is now presenting its case. john mckenna, the student who was struck by the officers, is expected to testify. >>> president obama and mitt romney are back on the campaign trail after last night's spirited debate. the president lived up to his promise to be more aggressive. mitt romney, however, stood his ground. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney head to separate corners of the country to campaign after one of the most combative presidential debates in recent memory. >> you'll get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. >> i don't look at my pension. it's not as big as yours. >> repor
and they are not letting up. nancy cordes is at the courthouse a white house and joins us now. >> reporter: that one and only vice presidential debate may be behind us but the two men involvedre keeping the argument going out on the campaign trail even as hair running mates prepare for another match-up. >> i'm sure you observed last night we had a little bit of a debate. >> reporter: in lacrosse, wisconsins vice president biden brought up a topic he and ryan tangled over on thursday night, abortion. >> congressman ryan made it clear that they are prepared to impose their private views on everyone else. made very clear that they do not believe a woman has the right to control her own body. >> paul ryan. >> reporter: in lancaster, ohio, congressman ryan focused on another issue, the administration's handling of the attack in libya that left four americans dead. >> this is not what leadership looks like. we need clarity not confusion. we need accountability and no more excuses. but unfortunately what we're witnessing when we turn our tvs on a daily base is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. >>
joins us live from college park with a preview of what's expected to happen in court today. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. these two prince george's county police officers reginald baker and james harrison have been charged with first degree assault, second degree assault, and misconduct in office for what they allegedly did on these streets over two years ago. remember the maryland men's basketball team had just beaten duke and thousands of students celebrated by partying in these streets in college park. police had said the students were rioting but students claimed the officers overreacted. in total 33 people were arrested that night but it was a video that surfaced more than a year later that changed everything and led to those indictments. this is the video taken from a dorm room window and those these to police officers beating then 22-year-old student john mckenna. at the time the officers said mckenna and another student struck the officers and injured their horses. they also said the horses kicked the student. in the video you can clearly see that never happen
. >>> hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. >>> needless to say, maryland governor martin o'malley and virginia governor bob mcdonnell are getting ready for sandy. they have both declared states of emergency ahead of the storm. so far sandy has claimed 21 lives. 11 deaths occurred in cuba, 9 in haiti, 1 in jamaica. sandy is expected to merge with other weather systems creating a rare super storm along the east coast. people who know what it's like when a storm hits this area have been going to the stores. they're paying $800 to $1200 for a generator. for many people the philosophy is be better safe than sorry considering what happened when the derecho hit us back in june. >> this impending storm has me nervous. i decided to invest in a generator. i lost power several times, lost food. had totally out the refrigerator and just not going to do it this time around. >> flashlight, batteries and equipment to clean out gutters and drains is on hi demand adds pepco -- high demand and pepco is on high alert calling all hands on deck near and far. >> we're holding calls to b
new jersey tuesday. for us our timetable would be tuesday or late monday night into tuesday as this storm goes into new jersey and we get the wrap around moisture and winds maybe 20 to 40 miles per hour. of course, the mention of hurricane approaching the east coast anywhere is freaking people out, more on that with scott broom. >> reporter: pepco spokesman marcus beale here at headquarters of pepco told me this afternoon company workers are on stand-by and throughout the weekend because of the storm potential. >> we've activated all of our emergency teams. we're already holding calls to basically plan for holding contractors currently working on our system in place so they're available immediately to help with restoration efforts if we need to do them. >> reporter: but at this lowe's in laurel there were plenty of utility customers voting no confidence with their wallets. >> i'm getting a generator for my house. the last storm we had the power was off for five days. we don't want to do that again. >> reporter: how much you spending on this thing today? >> $800. it's bett
. kristin fisher tracking the debate for us this morning. she's live in the satellite center trying to break it all down. these are complex issues. >> reporter: good morning. this debate was so focused on the economy that it took the candidates 45 minutes before they ever mentioned the words health care. but when they did, it was certainly one ever the more memorable exchanges of the night. lively exchanges of the night. at one point mitt romney told the president point blank that if elected, he would repeal his health care law to which the president responded by saying, but we've seen this model work really well in massachusetts. here's part of that exchange. >> i want to take the $716 billion you've cut it and put it back into medicare. by the way, we can include a prescription program. but the idea of cutting $716 billion from medicare to be able to balance the additional cost of obama care is in my opinion a mistake. with regards to young people coming along, i've got proposals to make sure medicare and social security are there for them without any question. >> if you repeal obama care
to the recover. for the first time we'll take you inside this secret u.s. facility. bob orr shows us where they track terror suspects worldwide. and jim axelrod with a young soccer player who's replaced a missing leg with gallantry on the field. >> i just want to be seen as an equal. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening, and we could add happy new year, because this is the first day of the federal government's new fiscal year. but there's not much to celebrate because the nation is headed toward what's being called the fiscal cliff and there are dire new warnings today about what will happen to american families unless congress and the president reach a budget deal by december 31. that is the day that a series of tax cuts will expire and big cuts in federal spend will take hold. tax experts said today 90% of american families are facing what they call unprecedented tax increases. how much? wyatt andrews is in washington tonight. wyat >> reporter: scott, according to the non-partisan tax policy center, the united states is now
't really affect us. it's what she does after that. right now she's about 125 miles east, southeast of nassau, winds 105 miles per hour. she's moving very quickly northerly at 20 miles per hour. hurricane warnings throughout the bahamas, tropical storm warnings extended essentially for the entire coast of florida, the east coast of florida. you can see as she pounded cuba, she's now pushing north and north at a pretty good clip. again winds 105 miles per hour, remember, those are sustained winds. all right. look at the expanse now of the tropical storm warnings, essentially the entire florida coast, some watches posted for parts of coast of georgia and a little bit of south carolina. here's the track, category 2 , gusts 125 miles per hour and this is a brand-new advisory at 5:00. she turns a little to the northeast, still as a category 1 and she's still taking the same track. this really hasn't changed. she'll parallel the southeast coast. so for the most part south and north carolina, you're okay, some high surf, but pure okay. by sunday she starts -- you're okay. by sunday she sta
later today, andrea mccarren is there at the court proceedings. she'll bring us live reaction after it's finished. >>> grief counselors will be available to students and staff today at woodson high school in fairfax, virginia. this after the body of 17-year- old bryan glenn was discovered yesterday in thaiss park. he had been missing since last week. police still have not determined whether this was a suicide or a case of foul play. >>> the centers for disease control says 13,000 people may be exposed to a fungus which can cause lethal meningitis. s that fungus was found in vials of steroids which are used to treat back pain and other painful ailments. officials are not sure just how many shots from that specialty pharmacy in massachusetts may have been contaminated. however, the outbreak thus far has killed nine people nationwide and sickened more than a hundred. >>> it is 5:05. time for the -- 5:03 rather. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> good morning, jessica doyle. >> good morning. we have earnings season starting on wall street today. it's going to be big d
pronounce that woman's name? famke? i'm mike hydeck. good morning. we're glad you're with us. beverly farmer is in for monika with traffic. howard bernstein is here. >>> grab a little rain gear this morning. you won't need it this afternoon but we have showers generally west of washington right now. they'll be coming across the metro over the next few hours so by mid-morning they'll be east of us. the rest of the day and tomorrow will be far better. here's a look at your day planner. expect the showers early. temperatures will be climbing slowly here, mid-70s by noon. we'll top out, though, around 81. skies become partly sunny and driving home, 5:00 temperature very comfortable, 77 degrees. moisture still coming up from florida but it's going to start to shed off. you can see out west into west virginia and southwestern virginia, this is starting to wind down. but the showers are coming in toward frederick now. almost getting toward poolesville. a heavier shower near purcelville and western loudoun county. scattered showers back toward front royal and fauier county as well. moving toward pri
're moving east. other than straddling the mason- dixon line, i think the rest of us will see passing high clouds. temperatures in the mid-40s in the cool spots to the mid-50s in town. annapolis, southern maryland at the patuxent river naval air station. we're off to a good start in the 40s and 50s. maybe a light jacket or sweat shirt. 79 leesburg this afternoon. 78 at andrews. 6:00 a.m. here's monika with timesaver traffic and chips. >>> doritos for breakfast? i like the idea, even at 6:00 in the morning. what we're talking about is a disabled chips truck on the northbound side of route 301 here at central avenue. it's chips and dip, everybody. we're going to take a live look from our sky 9. it's a frito lay truck broken down northbound 301 at central avenue. annual dray ya says all we -- andrea says all we need now is a truck full of salsa to break down. if you're planning to head here, the left lane is blocked. stay to the right to get by. i don't think it's causing much of a delay but give yourself a few extra minutes to travel through that or use church road as your alternate route. t
tonight in the u.s. after being extradited from england. one of the suspects is accused of conspiring to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. the prosecutor calls the extradition a watershed moment in the fight against terrorism. more tonight. >> radical islamic creature entered no plea as he stood in front of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt revealing his amputated arms, which are usually covered by prosthetic hooks for hands. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. >> the camp would have trained al-qaeda sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and frankly, soldier training. >> two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one of them is charged with terrorism conspiracy in connection with a 1998 bombing, killing 224 people, including a dozen americans. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> this is the second time a creature brought to this court to answ
. >>> hello. thank you for joining us. i'm jc hayward. president obama and g.o.p. challenger mitt romney square off tonight in the first of three presidential debates. bigad shaban reports that tonight's debate will focus on the economy, health care and other domestic issues. >> reporter: the stage is set for the first presidential debate. mitt romney trails in many battleground state polls. this is an opportunity to him to gain some ground. >> i think you're going to see the mitt romney that really cares about putting the american people back to work. i think that's the most important goal that the governor has. >> reporter: president obama will be pressing his own plan for the economy. but today he's facing new criticism over something he said during 2007 during his speech of a predominantly black office. he implied the bush administration was with holding recovery money after hurricane katrina based on race. >> what's happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? >> reporter: all major media outlets covered the speech at the time. >> i'm a little amazed that as you mentio
since the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya was attacked. four americans were killed. there are questions and criticism of the u.s. response to the attack. congress is opening its own investigation. at the state department margaret brennan reports secretary clinton promises a full accounting. >> reporter: were there requests for increase in security in been gazay and did your office reject those requests? >> let me start by cautioning everyone against seizing on any single statement or piece of information to draw a final conclusion. over the course of this review there will naturally be a number of statements made, some of it -- some of which will be borne out and some of which will not. >> reporter: clinton and her aides have consistently pointed to intelligence reports that indicated there was no threat to the u.s. mission, and that it was intelligence agencies that initially said the attack was sparked by a spontaneous demonstration. >> i am aware too that many people are eager for answers. so am i, margaret and no one wants the answers more than we do here at the
. >> reporter: quazi mohammad nafis came to the u.s. from bangledesh on a student visa to study at southeast missouri state university. he caught the f.b.i.'s attention allegedly in an extremist online chat room trying to form a terror cell. agents posing as al qaeda facilitators arranged a meeting with nafis, in which he allegedly laid out his plan to attack new york city. an f.b.i. affidavit alleges that nafis helped building a 1,000-pound bomb in a long island warehouse. in audio and videotaped conversations with an f.b.i. informant, nafis allegedly said he wanted to "destroy america" on behalf of al qaeda. according to the f.b.i., while planning the bombing, nafis told an undercover agent, "what i really mean is that i don't want something that's, like, small. i just want something big, something very big." this morning, the 21-year-old allegedly drove a van he believed carried the bomb downtown and parked it in front of the federal reserve bank of new york. nafis walked a short distance to this hotel, where the f.b.i. says he then recorded a video claiming responsibility for the attack.
vision with that of president obama's today. now this amid questions about the u.s. embassy attack in libya last month. meantime president obama is reaching out to hollywood for support. president obama is raising more cash in california today. last night at a star studded los angeles fundraiser the president joked about his lackluster debate performance following songs from katie perry and stevie wonder. >> they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> reporter: the president also accused his opponent mitt romney of backing away from campaign promises. >> obviously the governor knows his trillion tax cut isn't too popular so a few weeks before this election he's trying to pretend it doesn't exist. >> reporter: romney is in virginia today for a rally and what is being called a major foreign policy address. excertains from the speech have already been released. romney want as change of course in the middle east including tougher sanctions on iran and he'll call on the u.s. to work with other nations to arm rebels in syria with reupons that can defeat bas
>>> welcome back everybody. thank you for joining us. >> president barack obama will address the nation about hurricane sandy in about 45 minutes. here is a look at what is happening now. more than 400,000 people remain without power. authorities reopened however the bay bridge to traffic in both directions. and metro announced that it will restore bus service but on a sunday schedule. that begins at 2:00 p.m. and all schools in maryland, the district, and northern virginia are closed. montgomery county schools will be opened tomorrow. >> also jc authorities in pasadena, maryland are clearing a down tree that fell on a home and killed the man inside. authorities say the man was pronounced dead at the scene. his identity has not been released. as the day wears on we're beginning to see the magnitude of sandy's destruction is believed the heavy rains may have caused a leak at this water plant near columbia, maryland. the leak is spewing about two million gallons of raw sewage every house. authorities are asking the people stay clear of the river as a result. >> let's go to howa
tried to use the cell phone to detonate what he thought was 1,000 pound bomb in front of the federal reserve. the fbi made sure that it was harmless. if convicted, he faces life in prison. >>> and we can expect closing arguments tomorrow in the case against two police officers in prince george's county. regional baker and james harrison charged with assault and misconduct. the incident caught on tape back in 2010 as students at the university of maryland celebrated a basketball win over duke. and the video shows the cops using their batons to hit a young man while on the ground. today, they testified that the young man punched another officer and refused to drop an about in his hand. that object turned out to be the young man's cell phone. >>> the boy scouts of america have released almost 15,000 pages of what has been called their perversion files. today it happened. take a look at this map put together by the l.a. times. all of these yellow dots represent the boy scout leaders and volunteers accused of sex abuse between the years 1965 and 1985. and guess what. there are about 40 of
>>> hello, i'm j.c. hayward, thank you for joining us. we have breaking news from arlington county. we're learning more about the suspect in that attempted molotov bombing incident at ballston common mall yesterday. that suspect has been identified as 29-year-old leon traille. he has been charged with reckless endangerment and malicious body injury by jus of fire and also the -- use of fire and also the use of a fire bomb. 9news now has exclusive video of his arrest yesterday. police closed the mall yesterday after a flammable liquid was thrown from above onto the mall food court. it failed to ignite and no one was injured. a 9news now crew is on its way to the arlington courthouse. we will have further details today on our website,, and of course on our evening's newscast. >>> well, there were problems on the beltway this morning. there were two separate accidents involving tractor- trailers on the inner loop at bethesda. traffic was blocked for several miles and both directions for several hours while crews worked to clear the cident scenes from fuel. the vehicles final
pay attention. with luck it's not us and somebody else but it certainly could be the mid-atlantic as opposed to the northeast. cuba got hit overnight. jamaica got hit yesterday n. exploded from a category 1 storm yesterday morning to a category 3 storm last night for a little while. it's weakened a bit over eastern cuba but it's now over water and will likely get a little stronger or at least maintain its intensity here over the next couple of days. 63 at 9:00. clouds have moved in. 68 by noon. some sun breaking out then with more sun this afternoon and a high of about 73. big ridge of high pressure over the eastern u.s. there's a cold front out here. that's also going to play into our weather early next week with sandy coming up the coast. the cold air moving in. if everything works out, there could be snow falling in the mountains out west early next week so lots of scenarios. temperatures low to mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. we've got the fog moving in from the east so that's keeping temperatures in the lower, even mid-60s in annapolis. we're 62. let's check in wit
's what you needed to do. it's surely coming in as howard has been telling us. it's going to affect our roads. everybody has planned early. if you normally use metro, while it's closed including rail bus, metro access, ride on, all those services have been suspended. we've been on the found with metro's spokesperson and he tells us they will not decide what they're going to do till tonight. if you're planning to head over on any of these roads keep in mind that those are prone to flooding and they're already shut down in parts of those three roads. now let's take a quick look outside just to show you what it looks like on the roads. it's wet and volumes are light but there are still people that need to get to work. so please give yourself the extra time you'll need to deal with conditions today. i'll have more of course throughout the morning broadcast. back to you. >>> the coast empties out as the storm moves in. as hurricane sandy sets in on rehoboth beach in delaware, businesses and residences are boarded up as people are orpded to evacuate. -- ordered to evacuate. our live team cove
>> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. tonight, homes and businesses along delaware's atlantic coast are under evacuation orders. in our immediate area, people are being told to brace for hurricane sandy and they're listening as 9 weather team is covering the storm. >> we have some brand new information. pressure is down a little bit. winds are still 75 miles per hour. we'll start with a satellite picture. we're looking at a position about 300 miles south of hatteras. that's good. it's moving northeast at 14. we is have another day to prepare for sandy. it won't be as nice tomorrow as today, but you'll be able to clean your gutters out, check your down spouts and that sort of thing. so here's the storm. it does not look particularly impressive, but again, we can't really get hung up on that either, because ironically the storm will intensify and become in some ways a stronger storm after it becomes extra tropical. here's the track. sunday, 8:00, we're looking at a category 1 way out to sea, seem east of hatteras. that's not so bad. it's the left turn that's
through. if it came through, it would kick sandy out to sea. unfortunately sandy is going to bug us a lot as we head into late in the weekend and early next week. i toss it over to monika samtani. she has timesaver traffic. >>> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. for the most part we're doing well. there is one little sticky spot. i'll get to that in a moment. but if you're planning to head inside the beltway, you'll be fine. 395, 266 head toking 11th street bridge. outbound 3rd street tunnel, a stuck truck has been cleared. on the southbound side of i-95, just out of this camera shot after the franconia spring field parkway, there was an accident in the two right lanes. volumes are so light on a friday morning and it's against the rush hour flow but i wanted to let you know about t. northbound you're okay through springfield as you head for 395. back to the maps this time all the way to 270 coming in from frederick. still light. no problems to report into rockville. let's take a live look here on 270 at 121. i'll be back with more traffic at 5:09. back to you guys. >> tha
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